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Dr. Skin


Dr. Skin - Multifunctional device for facial skin care
The micro-dermabrasion device with diamonds, multi-polar electroporation and facial lifting with micronutrients for skin care, is an advanced multifunctional system which assures the execution of the following treatments: -profound cleansing (micro-dermabrasion with diamonds –exfoliation treatments (micro-dermabrasion with diamonds) –delivery of active substances (dermoporation / virtual mesotherapy) –transdermal penetration (dermoporation / virtual mesotherapy) –treatment of superficial wrinkles (lifting) –skin firmness treatments (lifting)



Dr. Skin technology 
The micro-dermabrasion device with diamonds
  • Exfoliation - mechanically removes the superficial layer of the epidermis
  • Vacuum - stimulated blood flow, collagen, elastin, and the lymphatic activity
  • Microdermabrasion - superficial ablation of the epidermis
Electroporation / Multi-polar mesotherapy
  • Without invasively intervening upon the cellular structure, the micro-currents create a temporary opening on the cell membranes, allowing the penetration of active ingredients in the deeper layer of the skin.
  • 2 types of electroporation treatment heads- a small dimension treatment head with a blue LED light for the area near the eyes and nose, and a big dimension treatment head with a red LED light for the rest of the face décolletage
  • Dermoporation treatment program/ specialized mesoporation
Double Lifting
  • Through the application of micro-currents in the superficial layer of the skin there's a tensioning effect attained on the facial muscles. The lifting effect promotes the production of collagen and stimulates the dermal tissue to increase the elastin levels
  • "Y" shaped treatment head - perfectly treats the natural lines of the face
  • Adjustable treatments levels

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